Microsoft Vista - Mercury Retrograde Bugaboo

Why are most corporations delaying the installation of Microsoft’s (MSFT) Vista operating system? Here’s my slightly delayed real time experience:

I was fast and furiously typing a blog post in Word (and frequently saving it), when suddenly the screen briefly flashes and my eyes dart down to see a “Windows Update” at the bottom of the screen. My Word document disappears, as Vista begins installing updates. I suppose it would be far too logical to first put a box on the screen asking if you want to install updates now or not!

Coincidentally I had just read Walter Mossberg’s Wall Street Journal column about his experience with Microsoft’s first major Vista update. The free update will be released to the public next month for current Vista users. It doesn’t sound encouraging. The only positive comment Mossberg had was that it cut the time of copying large files.

During the almost ten minutes it took Vista to do this “automatic” update on my Vaio, I’m thinking about Mercury being retrograde and how “the trickster” becomes even more tormenting as the Moon is in Gemini (Mercury’s sign) today. My joke is that Mercury is retrograde every day with Microsoft products. (Actually Microsoft’s stock chart* – when it first publicly traded on the NASDAQ – was when Mercury was retrograde.)

Once the updates were finished, I got a message saying “Windows updates require restart”, and then it just automatically restarts without my permission. After the reboot, Windows asked if I wanted to see what updates were installed on the computer. I clicked “yes” and saw that virtually all of the updates were security features. (As Mossberg points out in his column, the upcoming Vista update still requires using other vendor security/spyware/anti-virus software packages.)

When I went back into Word, a sidebar showed two versions of the post I was writing. The first one was for the time when Vista started updating, and the former was a minute earlier (when I last saved the document). I clicked the first file, and thankfully my document came up exactly at the point where I left off.

Maybe Microsoft should hire programmers who have several planets in Virgo to get their software perfected.

* Microsoft: March 13, 1986 9:30 AM EST New York, New York

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