Headwinds Hit Wall Street

Retailers almost always cite the weather as an excuse for lower than expected earnings. Now many Chief Executives are using the weather to describe the current climate of their business. Headwinds is now the buzzword to describe almost every problem facing corporate America today.

Using the weather to describe business conditions comes naturally now that Jupiter and Saturn, the planets relating to the business cycle, are in earth signs. Earth energy is practical and pragmatic, and relates to natural phenomena.

Windy conditions are attributed to Mercury or Uranus, depending upon severity. Mercury would describe a milder, steady wind – akin to experiencing a mild recession. Uranus is much harsher and harder to predict. This energy can correlate to taking large writedowns in one quarter (in essence ending the gale force wind), or it can create major turbulence through factors that were never considered. Uranus creates periods of volatility and sharp price movements in the stock market.

The Wall Street Journal cites former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan as the catalyst for using weather and nautical metaphors when he described the early 1990s economy facing “rough seas.” Greenspan was born with the Sun and Uranus in Pisces, a water sign ruled by Neptune, ruler of the seas.

Headwinds take time to navigate. With Saturn in Virgo (a sign ruled by Mercury) being opposed by Uranus in Pisces until 2010, the recession is here. Uranus will continue to create shocks in the system until companies employ new methods to create growth. Saturn exposes the lack of solid infrastructure supporting most corporations. Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, is in Capricorn, the sign of contraction this year. Using business strategies and economic stimulus methods that worked in the past will no longer work now.

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Alan Greenspan: March 6, 1926 time unknown New York, NY.

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