The Financial Times Takes Jim Cramer to Lunch

My favorite weekly newspaper column is the Saturday Financial Times “Lunch with the FT.” An FT journalist takes a person well known in their field out to lunch at the restaurant of their choice. The lunch will usually bring out a different perspective about the person, and it’s fun to read what they ate and how much it cost.

Today FT’s Chrystia Freeland had lunch with the Mad Money madman and (TSCM) co-founder Jim Cramer. The two dined in a private room at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse across from the New York Stock Exchange, “an old-fashioned steak and seafood joint that is all about men and money.” Cramer and Freeland ate in a private room, but diners can eat in the Vault Grill - J.P. Morgan’s original bank vault.

With his Sun and Mercury conjoined in Aquarius, Cramer shines by expressing himself in original and unpredictable ways. An air sign that rules electronic communications, Cramer relishes being “on the air”. Aquarian energy can be rebellious and non-conforming to the point of eccentricity. One of the segments on Mad Money is the “lightning round” where people call in and ask Cramer’s opinion of a stock in “rapid fire succession.” Aquarius and its planetary ruler Uranus rule lightning and freaky weather patterns; the symbol for Aquarius resembles a streak of lightning. CNBC calls Cramer “the most electrifying man on television.”
Aquarius is known as the humanitarian of the zodiac. This energy espouses freedom and equality; usually uniting as a group for a common cause (Cramer just joined the Elks). Cramer is passionate about bringing his knowledge and experience of the stock market to the “regular guys.” And if that means wearing a diaper to make his point, so be it.

Cramer was born with Mercury retrograde, a position shared by many famous writers as it gives them a more introspective nature that can enhance the color of their writing. He tells Freeland that he “always wanted to be a journalist.” Cramer began his career as a newspaper journalist, and in retrograde fashion, has returned to writing. Besides, he writes a column in New York magazine, and has authored five books. His first book, Confessions of a Street Addict, is more memoir than investment how-to. It’s Cramer at his most raw and it’s extremely insightful about life on “the Street”. In short, a must read.

With his Sun/Mercury in a challenging aspect to Saturn in Scorpio, Cramer truly does fear and loathe expressing his “innate insanity” before the public. His real feelings are probably to be found below the surface of a frozen lake. Pluto in Leo opposes his Sun/Mercury. Cramer wrote a New York magazine cover story about himself asking the question, “Why does everybody hate me?” Cramer has an extreme temperament and doesn’t take kindly to influential people or publications (such as Barron’s) that oppose his views. But he does enjoy the drama of dishing it out, such as his infamous “they know nothing” rant attacking the Federal Reserve last summer.

Major changes are in store for Cramer as transiting Neptune in Aquarius is challenging his Sun and Saturn, followed by his Pluto and Mercury, between now and 2010. He needs to take care with his own financial and business arrangements, which will take a new direction. The public will see more of the humanitarian side of a compassionate Cramer.

Jim Cramer: February 10, 1955 time unknown Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania
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