Aquarius New Moon Cycle (February 6 – March 6, 2008)

Each New Moon cycle is a time of new beginnings when we get to make a fresh start in the matters that rule the sign the New Moon is in.

New Moon (Annular Solar Eclipse): February 6 at 10:44 PM. This month we have a “supercharged” New Moon in Aquarius as it is a Solar Eclipse. (The Moon passes between the Earth and Sun.) Between February 6 and 20 the Moon is increasing in light. Since Mercury retrograde conjoins the New Moon, it’s time to implement new ideas to solve old issues. Aquarius represents each individual’s unique contribution to humanity. Aquarius and its planetary ruler Uranus, represent our highest aspirations. Aquarius values truth, freedom and breaking free from the status quo – the qualities needed to get there. Now is the time to connect or reconnect with friends and like-minded groups who share your vision.

USA: The charts for this lunar cycle emphasize matters concerning real estate, agriculture, the environment, security, and domestic issues. Homes may be flooded in areas suffering severe weather conditions. Venus rules all the charts. The economy/financial systems and women are highlighted. Aquarius energy is about radical and progressive action. Banks trading writedowns for government guarantees would be one way to tackle the mortgage crisis. (Example: A house that sold for $700K is now worth $300K. The bank writes down the mortgage to the home’s current value which is now backed by the federal government. The homeowner now pays a mortgage on the home’s current value.) Higher inflation further affects the price of food and other staples. A scandal may arise concerning a male leader’s deception. Events that occur at this time may come to fruition early next month. Foggy, damp/moist conditions are predominant for most of the period.
USA Hot Spots: (Areas of extreme weather and/or news breaking events)Washington, Oregon, California (Los Angeles area). Central Montana and New Mexico. Dakotas, Nebraska, Colorado, western Texas.
World Hot Spots: (NOTE: The eclipse path is visible over most of Antarctica, and partially visible throughout New Zealand, southeastern Australia, Fiji, and Western Samoa. The ancients believed that areas in the eclipse path would be more likely to face adverse events over the next several months). BRAZIL, Stockholm, Geneva, IRAQ, IRAN, SAUDI ARABIA, Algeria, east African nations (esp. Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya), Afghanistan, PAKISTAN, INDIA, Bangladesh, Burma, KOREAS, JAPAN.

First Quarter Moon: February 13 at 10:33 PM. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Moon in Venus-ruled Taurus harmonizes with Venus in Capricorn. Whether it’s spending for Valentine’s or talking about a big mortgage bailout plan, the Taurus Moon is going to want to check the bank balance first.
USA Hot Spots: Washington, Oregon, California (San Francisco area), Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, eastern Idaho, Utah, Arizona (Phoenix area).
World Hot Spots: BRAZIL, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain. Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria. SAUDI ARABIA, IRAN. E. Africa mentioned above, AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN, India, China, KOREAS, Japan.

Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse: February 20 at 10:30 PM. The Sun is now in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo. This is “half-time”. It’s a terrific time to promote yourself as you’ll get “full” attention. This Full Moon highlights the body/mind connection. From the Full Moon to the next New Moon on March 7, the Moon is decreasing in light. The next two weeks is a time to finish up projects as well as eliminate what no longer works for you. With Saturn (limitations) aligned with the Moon, financial belt tightening is in order. Wall Street starts worrying about lower consumer spending and jobs losses. What happens now will be fully known in early May.
USA Hot Spots: (NOTE: The eclipse path will be visible in most parts of the world.) North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont. Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona (Phoenix area), Nevada, California (Los Angeles area).
World Hot Spots: Norway, England, FRANCE, Berlin, Budapest, Spain, Italy. Turkey, Egypt, E. Africa mentioned above, SAUDI ARABIA, IRAN, AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN, China, Manila, N. Korea, JAPAN.

Last Quarter Moon: February 28 at 9:18 PM. The Moon in Sagittarius challenges the Pisces Sun. It’s time to put the finishing touches on what was begun at the New Moon. Around March 5 we begin to think about what we’d like to accomplish in the new lunar cycle that begins on March 7.
USA Hotspots: Washington, Oregon, California, eastern Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Dakotas, Nebraska, Indianapolis area, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas.
World Hot Spots: central Mexico, BRAZIL. Sweden, Germany, France, Geneva. Algeria, Libya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia. SAUDI ARABIA, IRAQ, IRAN. AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN, INDIA, China, Philippines, Koreas, JAPAN.

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