Weekly Forecast: January 21 – 27, 2008

Summary of This Week’s Influences

  • General Influences: The week begins with Jupiter in Capricorn harmonizing with Saturn in Virgo, the first of three alignments this year (also September 8 and November 21). These are terrific times to get your priorities in alignment with desired goals, particularly concerning career matters. Tuesday’s Full Moon highlights creative endeavors, and Venus aligns with Pluto early Thursday just before both switch signs. Pluto enters Capricorn. From now until March 20, none of the planets will be in fire signs - the first time since January 1995. The world will look to more practical solutions to counter the excesses of the last thirteen years.

  • Stockmarket: The intermediate stockmarket trend continues downward despite high volatility in both directions. No stimulus by the government or the Federal Reserve will alter that. However, there may be some upward spikes that will hold this week.

Monday, January 21, 2008

  • General Influences: The Cancer Moon becomes VOC* at 5:56 AM for the rest of the day. This is a good time to accomplish routine cleaning and maintenance around the home. Or just be.

  • Stockmarket: Closed in honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday (who was born on January 15).

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

  • General Influences: The Moon shifts gears into Leo at 5:20 AM. The Full Moon occurs at 8:35 AM, putting the spotlight on the contribution of every individual’s creative abilities within a large framework of a project, group, or society. Mercury conjoined with Neptune helps provide the mental inspiration. Today’s energies are not recommended for making serious commitments, particularly of a financial nature unless you thoroughly understand the terms.

  • Stockmarket: Positive bias may be driven by rumors/false information that may be found to be untrue before the end of next week.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

  • General Influences: The Leo Moon (and particularly at the Full Moon), is the time to see the lighter side of life and not take yourself and others so seriously. The late afternoon into evening energies can be a bit nerve-racking. It’s best to stick with a dinner that is easy on the digestive system.

  • Stockmarket: Market may swing wildly based upon the perceptions of the monoline insurers.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

  • General Influences: The transforming power of love is emphasized today when Venus conjoins Pluto in Sagittarius. Venus then enters Capricorn until February 17. Venus, planet of attraction and desire in this sign values quality over quantity. Conducting business in a social setting is favored. Leo Moon becomes VOC at 9:43 AM; Moon enters Virgo 5 min. later. Working with others is favored this morning. Staying up late worrying won’t improve the situation, but sleeping and waking up to a new day might.

  • Stockmarket: Market up early in session. May decline around 10:30 AM.

Friday, January 25, 2008

  • General Influences: Get your most important tasks accomplished by early afternoon. Otherwise, there may be disruptions or just being antsy to cut out of the office early. Pluto enters Capricorn, joining the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in earth signs. A pragmatic approach is what’s needed now.

  • Stockmarket: Positive to choppy, making wild swings in last half hour.

Weekend: January 26-27, 2008

  • Saturday: Virgo Moon becomes VOC at 6:32 AM until entering Libra at 5:35 PM. That’s a day wasted complaining or a day spent getting all that boring stuff out of the way to spend the rest of the weekend engaging in social pleasantries.

  • Sunday: There may be a tendency to overindulge this morning. Under the Libra Moon, this is usually food of the sweet variety.

*VOC (Void-of-Course) = When the Moon (our emotional barometer) does not form any relationship to a planet before entering a new zodiacal sign. This time period is best suited for anything where NO ACTION OR OUTCOME is desired. “Nothing will come of it!”

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