Weekend: January 19-20, 2008

  • Saturday: The very early morning hours to midday are good for writing and creative work. As the day progresses, relationships (especially romantic ones) become more challenging as Venus opposes Mars in Gemini . If tensions arise, remember that opposites attract! I keep thinking of the film, When Harry Met Sally as a good description of today’s energies.
  • Sunday: Gemini Moon becomes VOC at 2:46 AM. Moon enters Cancer (its “home sign”) at 3:05 AM. The Sun enters Aquarius at 11:44 AM. There may be an urge to splurge on home organization items this afternoon, such as containers and file boxes. (It’s a good idea to see what’s needed before rushing out the door with enthusiasm.) The afternoon is also a good time to tackle minor home maintenance or repairs.
NOTE: Tomorrow is a day off for many people. With the Cancer Moon VOC all day then, it’s a great time to catch up on all domestic issues, especially home organization and housecleaning.

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