More Problems for Pakistan

The Pakistani government announced yesterday that elections originally scheduled for January 8 would be postponed until February 18.

February 18 is the day that Mercury is stationary in the sky, moving from being retrograde* since January 28 to direct motion. Mercury energies can create communication confusion resulting from problems implementing voting procedures. Polling places not open when they’re supposed to be, incorrect ballots, and people prevented from voting, are a few possible scenarios. The biggest concern is votes not correctly counted or manipulated.

In addition, the Moon is Void-of-Course (VOC) in Cancer in Pakistan until late that evening when it enters Leo. As readers of my Weekly Forecast know, VOC times are not times for doing things where a specific outcome is desired. The Moon in Cancer represents the people of Pakistan, and would especially represent women and Bhutto’s Pakistan Peoples Party. The Moon going into Leo late that day may represent Musharraf’s control on the country as Leo is the “king” and Musharraf is a Sun sign Leo. (Benazir Bhutto was assassinated when the Moon was in Leo.)

February 18 is two days before a Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse time period (January 30 – February 27) is not usually a good time to make major actions/decisions as new information surfaces after this time that is crucial to one’s plans. Mid-February is a very critical time for Pakistan as Mars (aggression, weapons) aligns with its natal Uranus (instability, radicals). Pluto (nukes, secret forces) opposes Pakistan’s Mars (military). In a worst case scenario, an opposing person/group has access to Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and could threaten to use it against Musharraf’s regime. The February 6 Aquarius Solar Eclipse opposes Musharraf’s Sun while Pluto challenges his Neptune. His judgment is very bad and he is possibly being blackmailed by a terrorist group.

America is all too familiar with what happens when an election is held when Mercury is stationary direct. We had enough of a problem then sorting out hanging chads without having to deal with nuclear instability.

* Planets do not really move backward but appear to from Earth’s vantage point.

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