The Message of Mercury Retrograde: January 28 – February 18, 2008

Mercury, the planet relating to communication and movement, goes retrograde on January 28 until February 18, 2008. Mercury does not really move backward, but appears to from our vantage point here on Earth.

In 2008, Mercury will retrograde in the air element. Sometimes we get so frantic about all the things we’re doing that we’re barely breathing. These Mercury retrograde periods are a reminder to take time out and calm ourselves by taking a few deep and relaxing breaths. With Mercury in Aquarius, going out for a walk benefits circulation. (Aquarius rules the body’s circulatory system as well as the calves and ankles.) Mercury retrograde is about slowing down and revisiting issues and places of the past rather than moving forward with new endeavors. With Mercury in Aquarius, computer, internet and electrical system breakdowns are more likely. Air travel is especially prone to delays and cancellations.

Mercury retrograde is the time to put the RE prefix in front of everything you do: review, reconfirm, reschedule, retry, redo, etc. Here are some key points to keep in mind:
  • Confirm and reconfirm appointments/schedules.
  • Allow extra travel time.
  • Be vigilant about backing up files and running frequent security scans.
  • Information that was released prior to retrograde may not be accurate or is revised. Likewise, new information released during retrograde may found to be inaccurate after Mercury retrograde.
  • Old friends or people from past group involvement may re-enter your life now.
  • Renew contacts with people who previously were not interested in your product or service as they may be now.
  • Houseclean: Get rid of stuff you no longer use. Review and organize important papers.

Other Mercury retrograde periods in 2008:
May 26 – June 19 in Gemini = This may be the most wild retrograde time of the year as Mercury rules Gemini. Mercury retrogrades on Memorial Day, causing confusion and a high chance of bad weather.

September 24 – October 15 in Libra = Partnerships are emphasized during this time.

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