Jupiter trine Saturn and the Stockmarket

A rest of world market selloff yesterday proved it is not decoupled from the woes of the U.S. economy. This selloff occurred on the day of the first of three alignments between the two business planets, Jupiter and Saturn.

Jupiter rules what is foreign and at a distance. Jupiter is the principle of growth and expansion. Jupiter in Capricorn curtails expansion as Capricorn is ruled by Saturn (caution and contraction). Saturn in Virgo
worries about every single piece of financial news released. In Virgo, Saturn seeks to hold corporations and governments accountable for their actions.

Last month marked the first time that Jupiter and Saturn were in earth signs in over seven years. Earth energy is conservative and practical. Numbers have to add up, based on solid underlying fundamentals. The craze that caused the financial and housing bubbles – that loading up on debt would feed future growth, was nothing but a fire fantasy. This fantasy peaked in 2007 when Jupiter and Saturn were in fire signs. Fire energy is enthusiastic and optimistic, preferring to reside in the world of abstract concepts. Earth energy requires being firmly rooted in reality.

Pluto enters Capricorn this week, requiring a need for consumers, companies, and governments to rebuild their balance sheets. Trying to take the “easy” way out through Federal Reserve rate cuts and economic stimulus will prolong the pain rather than learn the lessons these energies are trying to teach us.

Because Jupiter and Saturn are in harmony with one another, this is the world’s opportunity to join together to restructure and rebuild the global economy. Instead, the Federal Reserve, government, and the financial markets are determined to steer a course toward economic disaster.

Overall, 2008 will be a bearish year for the stockmarket. Here’s what we can expect around the time of the next Jupiter/Saturn alignments:

  • September 8: Both Jupiter and Pluto will be stationary in the sky, moving direct.* This will cause very large market moves to the downside. (On September 7, 2007, Pluto and Venus moved direct, causing a triple digit drop.) Additionally, Mercury will align with Mars and challenge Jupiter. News may cause the market to initially spike up before falling sharply lower. Finally, Mercury, Venus, and Mars will conjoin the USA’s Saturn in Libra and square the USA Cancer Sun. This shows that all the problems in the banking, credit, and housing sectors have only worsened rather than abated, causing additional hardship for America.
  • November 21: (Options expiration) Uranus (shocks and wild swings) challenges Mars in the chart for the New York Stock Exchange, indicating a rollercoaster ride of impulsive buying likely to be followed by a bigger wave of selling.

* Planets do not really move backward (retrograde), but appear to from Earth’s vantage point. When a planet is stationary (either about to move forward or turn retrograde), the energies of that planet are particularly pronounced. Pluto rules things that occur on a massive scale, such as bankruptcies, crashes, natural disasters, nuclear issues, and secrets revealed.

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Sea Bright Futures said...

hi Deborah,
Enjoying your comments and perspective, and as an options trader and amateur astrologer (more focused recently on natal charts than transits), it's interesting to see accountability and rationality returning to markets and the symbolic movement of the spheres. Thanks for an interesting, and I suspect, accurate point of view. I expect the US economic downturn to be prolonged and severe, as we find ourselves at the end of the century of oil, and recognise that almost everything in our built environment is outmoded, and based on obsolete technology. The timeless cycles of creation and destruction, always moving us forward, and essential to the creation of the amazing new things to come!
Peace and Prosperity,
Gregory Orr