Deborah at Davos

No, I’m not at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland – yet.

Current and former world leaders, billionaires, and Bono get top billing and press, but Davos has its more esoteric side too. Today’s programme features a presentation called “Reveal Your True Colours”, talking about how colors “enter into our subconscious and influence our moods.”* Yesterday’s programme featured: “The Wisdom of Storytelling: Using Fiction to Attain Truth”. It seems to me that talking about current and future economic trends using the symbol system of astrology would be a perfect fit!

If any individual or corporation will pay the travel expenses for me and my spouse, I would be happy to speak there in 2009. Jupiter, the planet relating to global and philosophical matters, will be in Aquarius then. Aquarius rules what’s inventive, futuristic, and unique. Aquarius rules astrology.

*Colors, metals, and gems have planetary rulerships. For example, the Moon (relating to our moods), rules white, silver, pearls, and moonstone.

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