The Winter Solstice: December 22, 2007 (influences 12/22/07 – 3/20/08)

Winter in the northern hemisphere occurs on December 22, 2007 at 1:08 AM EST when the Sun enters Capricorn. Since ancient times, this day was celebrated as welcoming the gradual return of the Sun’s light. (This is why candles and lighting displays play a major role in religious/holiday displays at this time of year.)

The horoscope for the Winter Solstice for the USA shows volatile and changing conditions. Communications and transportation are emphasized. Major transportation accidents involving severe delays/disruptions are likely. There may be a shipping accident or weapons/explosives hidden in imported goods. Unfortunately there will probably be more incidents of shootings at schools and places of worship. Politics will get extremely nasty. The President will be frustrated by Congress trying to block his every move. Foreign alliances will come under fire.

On the economic front, inflation continues to rise. None of the government’s plans will keep real estate prices propped up; sales will continue to fall. The stockmarket will behave erratically and volatile, but the trend continues down.

In general, temperatures will be colder and wetter this winter with gusty winds. The Midwest will bear the brunt of the winter’s worst weather. States that will be most affected weather and newswise are: Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana. Wisconsin (Milwaukee), Illinois (Chicago), western Kentucky and Tennessee, Mississippi to the Alabama border. Washington, Oregon, and California are likely to be cooler and wetter than normal.

World Hotspots During this Quarter: France, Spain, Rome, Vienna, Moscow, Kiev, Romania, Albania, eastern Iran (hyperinflation; earthquake potential). Violence in northwestern Africa, especially Libya, Algeria, Niger, Nigeria. India, Nepal, and Bangladesh appear to be politically volatile and subject to severe storms. Tokyo could face flooding. The Bank of Japan should finally raise interest rates.

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