Summary of This Week’s Influences: December 10 – 16, 2007

  • NOTE: Please see Cycles under DIRECTORY for posts related to the forecast, particularly “Sagittarius New Moon”.
  • Stockmarket: Most of the week may see the indices choppy to mixed, with moderate gains/losses. Tuesday is the standout as it’s the day Jupiter aligns with Pluto, and the FOMC issues their rate announcement. I’m 99.999% certain that my June prediction that the Fed would raise rates at this meeting is wrong. (See “Rate Hikes vs. Rate Cuts”, at the bottom of the page in Federal Reserve under DIRECTORY.) Whereas I see Jupiter/Pluto, Saturn, and other astrological factors representing the current economic climate of stagflation, the Fed views Jupiter's principle of expansion as a need to grow the economy.
  • General Influences: There’s a lot going on in the world, particularly at the beginning of the week. For the most part, this week’s energies are very flowing. People feel more compassionate and caring now. The Moon is VOC all day Wednesday, favoring matters that do not require follow-up action.

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