Sagittarius New Moon: December 9, 2007 (In effect until January 8, 2008)

The Sun and Moon conjoin on December 9 at 12:40 PM. This marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. The day after the New Moon is usually a good time to begin new projects and endeavors.
  • General Influences: The New Moon in Sagittarius highlights the need to be true to ourselves and our vision. Ruled by Jupiter, planet of optimism and expansion, the Archer aims high. Sagittarius rules ethics, philosophy, politics, the judicial system, religion, sports, and higher education. Sagittarius also rules over two things popular at this time of year – celebrations and long distance travel. With Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto joining the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius from December 8 – 10 (early afternoon), the temptation to overextend and overindulge is elevated. New goals/projects establish a more solid foundation on December 18 when Jupiter enters no-nonsense Capricorn for a year.
  • Stockmarket: This Sagittarius New Moon cycle marks the culmination of Pluto’s thirteen year sojourn in this sign. Globalization as it currently exists will be fully played out over the next year. I expect there may be one or two large mergers or buyouts during this period, or at least speculation of this to inflate stock prices.
    The market will be moody and unsettled. Because the New Moon and Mercury (thought process) is challenged by unpredictable Uranus, seasonality may not be as big a factor now. In fact, the markets could go lower from investors selling at a loss for tax purposes. The strong Jupiter influence creates large moves, but not necessarily up. As Jupiter moves into Capricorn on December 18 followed by Pluto on January 25, the market will come round to the realization that no one is going to buy Wall St’s debt at the price they’re asking. Sagittarius is an empty package of hope; Capricorn is cold reality and pragmatic solutions. It can also be government intervention and restrictions on big business.
  • USA: The USA dominates the world stage at this time. Bush may be acting more like the “preacher-in-chief” now as he urges Americans to have faith in our actions abroad. There may be highly shocking revelations exposed about the Administration’s foreign entanglements. It’s likely that a high-ranking State Dept. official, politician, or religious leader will say or do something shocking now. There’s potential for serious transportation accidents or even possible terrorism involving an airline or ship entering the U.S. There may be a sudden disease outbreak at a hospital or military base.
  • Hot Spots: I think the weather will tend to be milder with periods of unsettled conditions (high winds and severe storms), at least for the week of December 9. The east coast and Midwest sections of the country will probably be most affected. Areas of bad weather or other news making activity include: northwestern Florida, Georgia, Carolinas, Virginia, W. Virginia, Maryland, D.C., eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Chicago, Ohio.
  • World Hot Spots: Central America, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Peru. Eastern Scotland, central England, France (more riots/unrest), Spain. The west African nations (including Niger and Nigeria) may face severe violence/unrest, especially Algeria. In Asia, Bangladesh and along the Burmese border, eastern Thailand, Hanoi, Cambodia, Malaysia, Jakarta. Aggressive words by the leadership or military crackdowns may occur in Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Beijing.

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