Mars Mayhem

(NOTE: While this post primarily focuses on the cycle of Mars for the next three months, there’s some other predictive info here too.)

Mars is a planetary energy that demands action and movement. Since September 28, Mars has resided in Cancer where it has a difficult time digesting its emotional and moody domestic domain. And to make things even more challenging, Mars has been retrograde* since November 15.
Mars aligned with the USA and President Bush’s Sun (self-identity) when it went retrograde, emphasizing that this would be a very critical time for the USA. Cancer rules real estate and the general public. At that time, Goldman Sachs economist Jan Hatzius estimated mortgage credit losses might reach $400 billion based on 2005+ subprime and Alt-A originations. There have been proposals by the Administration to help homeowners in trouble, as well as Treasury’s attempt to coordinate the Street setting up a “superfund” for distressed debt. Except for the Federal Reserve’s new term auction facility and foreign credit swaps, these proposals have either been ditched or have gone nowhere.

On December 31, Mars will shift back into Gemini, a sign it transited from August 7 – September 28, 2007. Mars can express its energies better in this sign since Gemini likes to be busy doing multiple things at once. Back on September 21, Mars began the first of a series of oppositions to Pluto. Israel accused Iran of lying about their “peaceful” nuclear energy program, and Iran challenged the IAEA to report on Israel’s nuclear capabilities. Also that day, two students were shot and wounded at Delaware State University and the campus went into lockdown. These two events were typical examples of Mars (action/aggression/weapons) in Gemini (tough talk/students) opposing (attacking/challenging) Pluto (need for control/nuclear energy/weapons) in Sagittarius (universities/foreign enemies).

On January 2, 2008, Mars will make its second opposition to Pluto. People should exercise extra caution driving and using public transportation. Stay out of neighborhoods you’re not familiar with. If someone challenges you, show your Pluto power by remaining calm and not stooping to their level.
Mars will move direct in Gemini on January 30, 2008 – close to the USA’s natal Mars and challenging the USA Neptune. Military matters will likely escalate, as well as drug issues. Unrest in Pakistan will probably accelerate then. (Pakistan will likely be in turmoil a good part of the year, especially from now to early May.) The Moon will be in its last quarter phase in emotionally intense Scorpio, a sign ruled by Mars before Pluto was discovered.

January 30 is also the day NASA estimates that Asteroid 2007WD5 (discovered 11/20/07) has a 1 in 75 chance of hitting Mars, most likely near its equator around 5:55 AM ET. If this occurs, I like to think of it as a symbolic way of the god of war’s violent nature getting destroyed. Physically, the asteroid hit would provide us with a lot of information about asteroid impacts and how such an impact might affect Earth.
Just as Mars starts marching forward then, Mercury (communication) moves retrograde on January 28. Talk about the potential for travel snafus, mechanical breakdowns, and weird weather! Expect some stockmarket volatility as well. (I’ll be writing a post about Mercury retrogrades in 2008.) For now, check out the Related Post links at the end of this post, and remember the re: reconfirm, review, revise, and backup your files! (Sandwiched between these two dates is the Florida primary, and we know how Florida is never ready to vote.)

The final time that Mars and Pluto oppose each other is March 7, 2008, the day of the Pisces New Moon. This time around, Mars will be back in Cancer and Pluto will be in Capricorn. Cancer and Capricorn are known as cardinal signs, as these signs usher in the seasons. The entry of planets into cardinal signs ushers in global change. I will write about Pluto in another post, but the bottom line here is that turmoil and physical attacks against world governments, their leaders, as well as large public corporations are strong possibilities. The USA, CIA, and Federal Reserve are affected by the opposition. Other countries affected are: Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, North Korea, UAE, UK, Spain. Certainly nuclear matters will be prominent at this time. (We may also find out more about Apollo 11/first Moon landing.) With the Sun/Moon aligned with Uranus (shocks), and a lineup of Mercury, Venus, and Neptune in Aquarius, it appears there could also be a major winter storm or severe flooding brewing on the eastern seaboard around that time. The worst weather would probably be from the mid-Atlantic states into the Northeast.

* Planets do not really move backwards but appear to from Earth’s vantage point.

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