Blog Housekeeping Issues

I apologize for not posting the December 9 New Moon analysis yesterday due to my ISP being down. :-(

I have created a new label in the DIRECTORY called Cycles. This is where you can find posts I've written describing current planetary cycles. The posts will state the start and end dates of the cycle. When these cycles end, the posts will be deleted from Cycles but will remain under another label in the DIRECTORY. (For instance, the transit of Venus in Libra concludes tomorrow, but the post will still be found under the Predictions label.)

For the record, if I want to add something to an already posted entry, I state the date that I've added the addition followed by the entry so readers know it's an addendum. A correction would be handled in the same manner. No posts from this blog will ever be altered or deleted as I want readers to see and judge the accuracy (or lack thereof) for themselves.

Wall Street Weather has passed the six month mark now. With the purchase of my first notebook (a SONY Vaio in blue to match my car!), I now have the ability to post more often to my blog. In the future, I may even figure out how to use the Motion Eye staring at me so I can make the occasional videoblog entry!

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