Benazir Bhutto

“I know that I am a symbol of what the so-called Jihadists, Taliban and al-Qaeda most fear. I am a female political leader fighting to bring modernity, communication, education and technology to Pakistan.” – Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto knew she was embarking on a dangerous and difficult journey when she left a comfortable life in London to return to her homeland. Critics chalk up her courage to Musharraf granting her amnesty of corruption charges leveled against her in the 1990s by the Pakistani government. It was believed one of the reasons Bhutto returned to Pakistan was to clear her husband’s name of accusations he stole the equivalent of millions of dollars from the government.

Whether her reasons where personal or altruistic – or a combination of both, Bhutto saw Pakistan spiraling down the dark hole of dictatorship and oppression and believed that her People’s Party could defeat it. Unfortunately like many leaders with a vision, she paid the price with her life.

Benazir Bhutto was born with the Sun in Gemini (communication, education) aligned with Mars (action) in Cancer (public). Shifting from a potential alliance with Pervez Musharraf to opposing him, was her way of finding the most expedient and pragmatic way to achieve her objectives. Transiting Pluto (death) and Mars (aggression) were opposing her Sun/Mars. The Sun rules Bhutto’s eighth house (death), and her progressed* Sun in Leo was aligned with natal Pluto there. When Bhutto “expired at 6:16 PM LT”**, the transiting Moon in Leo was exactly aligned with her Pluto. Bhutto’s fourth house of endings is ruled by Mars (weapons). Bhutto’s Venus in Taurus is here. Taurus rules the neck where the assassin’s bullet killed her. Venus also rules her career house. The alignment there of the Moon (public), Saturn (government) and Neptune (idealism/vision), shows the highest expression of these planetary energies would be to free the Pakistani people (especially women), from the oppressive beliefs imposed by Islamic extremists. The world will never know whether Bhutto learned from her past mistakes as prime minister and could have at last achieved the full potential of her horoscope.

* A mathematical calculation that moves the natal planets forward in time.

** Quoted on several news outlets.

Benazir Bhutto: June 21, 1953 7:59 PM (speculative) Karachi. Died December 27, 2007 6:16 PM Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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