Venus in Libra (November 8 – December 5, 2007)

Venus (what we desire and value) is now in its “home” sign Libra. Venus in Libra desires to make the world a place of beauty, harmony, and balance. Social interactions are important. This energy is happiest expressed in marriage or a committed relationship. Venus here has a particular fondness for elegant attire, jewelry, beauty items/treatments, flowers, art and interior design. Attractive presentation is extremely important.

Venus will challenge Mars in Cancer on November 19. This is the classic “battle of the sexes” aspect. Venus in Libra is the energy of the diplomat and the peacemaker. Mars in Cancer can let emotions get volatile and out of control. Relationships may be under pressure over domestic/home-related issues. Since Libra sees both sides of everything, the more pleasant alternative is to "make love, not war".

In a market with far better fundamentals, Venus in Libra would be an additional bullish boost. Now it represents many losing their homes (Cancer) through rapid spending (Mars) on aspiring indulgences.

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