Summary of This Week’s Influences: November 26 – December 2, 2007

  • Stockmarket: With the exception of possibly Monday and Friday, I think the indices will be choppy to mixed and trade in a more narrow range.
  • General Influences: This week’s energies are fairly harmonious. Mercury enters Sagittarius Saturday until December 20. People tend to think and communicate more optimistically. Mercury here speaks bluntly in its quest for the truth.
  • The Last Quarter Moon: Occurs Saturday morning. With the Moon aligned with Saturn and challenging the Sun, consumer spending has hit a roadblock. Foreign shipments may be blocked from entering a U.S. port or be confiscated. US Hot Spots: eastern Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota. World Hot Spots: FRANCE, Norway, Geneva, Warsaw, Belgrade, Moscow, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia.
    Geopolitical Note: The last Quarter Moon adversely impacts Musharraf. He may face another assassination attempt or surprise uprising.

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