Summary of This Week’s Influences: November 12 – 18, 2007

  • Stockmarket: Expect to see larger swings in either direction (but with a negative bias) the further we get into November. Mars (action) goes retrograde* on Thursday in Cancer (real estate). This will particularly influence the market Wed-Fri. and in general will continue to depress the shares of consumer, financials, and housing related stocks (especially as Mars aligns with the USA Sun). Mercury will connect with Saturn on Friday for the final time. The first time was October 1 when the market was bullish in a “worst is over” mentality concerning the financials and the homebuilders. October 19 saw the market in a bearish mood as banks began reporting increasing writedowns. Options expiration Friday could see a bull/bear seesaw to get the options in the money.
  • General Influences: Friday and Saturday are probably the “easiest” energies of the week. With Mars retrograding, Wednesday and Thursday may find people more temperamental and impatient. Focus on odds ‘n ends rather than action-oriented activities on Thursday as the Moon is VOC all day.
  • First Quarter Moon: Occurs on Saturday. This reinforces the themes in the news at the time of the November 9 New Moon. USA Hot Spots: New York City/Long Island, New England, Maine. Northwest Florida, southwest Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Minnesota. Arizona (Phoenix), Utah, Wyoming-Idaho border, Montana. World Hot Spots: Venezula, Colombia, Peru, Santiago, Argentina, Brazil. Eastern UK, Netherlands, Paris, Warsaw. Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Tripoli, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma, Jakarta, Hong Kong, North Korea, southern Japan.

    * Planets do not really move backwards but appear to from Earth’s vantage point.
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