Summary of This Week’s Influences: November 5 – 11, 2007

  • Stockmarket: The markets will continue to vacillate from being bullish to bearish and back again this week. Venus square Pluto early this week indicates that financials are overvaluing/incorrectly accounting for their debt. If it doesn’t come out in the news now it will eventually be revealed that at this time, foreigners are pulling back on purchasing Treasuries and U.S. mortgages.
  • General Influences: The New Moon in Scorpio occurs on Friday at 6:03 PM. The New Moon is a time of new beginnings. Between Sunday and November 14, you want to accomplish all action oriented activities and any major (especially mechanical item purchases). This is because Mars (action) will be retrograde November 15 – January 30.*
    Scorpio is concerned with secrets – keeping them as well as exposing them. Under Scorpio, what no longer works must die to make way for something better. Scorpio rules shared assets, wills/inheritances, sex, and death/transformation. (In short, anything considered taboo or obscure.)
    In the USA, the focus will be on transforming healthcare and health insurance, diet/nutrition, the workforce and the military. President Bush is unrealistic about the military’s capabilities. The military’s food supplies may be contaminated. Budgets are being spent at a faster rate than anticipated.
    HOT SPOTS: USA= Arizona (Phoenix), Utah/Idaho border, Wyoming, Denver. New Orleans/eastern Louisiana, Houston, Dallas. World=southern Mexico/Guatemala, Peru (Lima), Argentina, Brazil. Frankfurt, Milan, Warsaw. Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Iraq, Iran (Tehran), Pakistan, Afghanistan, Beijing, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, southern Japan.
    *Planets don’t really move backwards, but appear to from our vantage point on Earth.

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