Monday, November 26, 2007

  • General Influences: Today’s energies emphasize emotional expression and “going with your gut” rather than what is deemed “logical”. Venus “at home” in Libra harmonizes with Neptune in Aquarius – a good day for socializing and anything that brings people together who share a common vision. The Moon enters Cancer at 6:07 AM, giving a reinforced dose of all things domestic*. The early evening is a good time to accomplish household chores without it feeling like a chore.
  • Stockmarket: Moderately up to mixed; choppy to negative as oil and commodities climb.

    *Each day of the week is a ruled by a planet. Monday, or “Moon-day” is ruled by the Moon. The Moon’s frequency in changing signs corresponds to emotional mood shifts, a deeper reason why many are not as fond of Mondays compared to other days of the week.

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