Mars Retrograde: November 15, 2007 – January 30, 2008

On November 15, Mars moves retrograde until January 30, 2008. Since Mars is the planet of action, its energies are not well equipped for slowing down and “going within”. (Planets don’t really move backwards, but appear to from Earth’s vantage point.)

Since September 28, Mars has been in the sign Cancer. Cancer is a water sign, which is all about feelings – especially feeling safe and secure. Mars best expresses itself in the fire element, where it makes its home in Aries.

Mars retrograde is a time to regroup/reevaluate what you’ve been investing your personal energy in. Here’s some action themes and suggestions of particular relevance during Mars retrograde in Cancer (November 15 – December 31, 2007).

Focus on domestic matters. Does your home nourish you emotionally or is it a financial burden?

Cancer can be a pack rat. Sell or donate all that stuff that just takes up space.

Set aside extra cash as unexpected home repairs may occur at this time. Take extra care operating tools/machinery.

Check all door and window locks are secure. Test smoke and other detection systems.

Vehicles can be more prone to breakdowns (also during Mercury retrograde). Check fluid levels.

Family: It’s interesting that Mars retrograde occurs during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, the big times for family reunions. Take action to repair relationships. Conversely, ties are severed with family members where conflict cannot be resolved.

During January 2008, Mars revisits Gemini, a sign it transited August 7 – September 28, 2007. See my 8/6/07 post, Mars Enters the Danger Zone in the Predictions section for background on how Mars operates in this sign.

More on the Mars cycle in upcoming posts.

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