Mars in Cancer: Acting on Emotion (September 28, 2007 – May 9, 2008)

Mars, the planet symbolizing action and energy, is transiting Cancer from September 28, 2007 until May 9, 2008. Fire’s enthusiasm (Mars) is doused by water (Cancer). Mars has more difficulty expressing itself here as Cancer’s sensitivities and mood swings coincide with the Moon’s changing zodiac signs every two and a half days.

Mars transits Cancer about every two years. However, this transit of Mars is much longer due to the planet moving retrograde* (November 15, 2007 – January 30, 2008).

Action/attention focuses on physical and emotional security, real estate, land and environment, family and heritage, childhood, retirement/end of life issues.

Food & Shelter:
  • Cancer rules the land, real estate, and everything to do with the home.
    Along with the transit of Saturn in Virgo**, food and shelter costs escalate while home values fall.
  • Cases of contaminated/spoiled food will rise.
  • Homes damaged/destroyed by fire. Damage from kitchen, heater, holiday decoration fires. Water damage through sprinkler systems and appliances. Vandalism rises.
  • Forced evacuation from home (such as California fires), or from foreclosure. (Renters are also getting evicted due to banks foreclosing on property owners.)


  • Mars dries up water. (Georgia’s governor declared a water emergency October 20 from severe drought. The governor asked President Bush to ease regulations requiring Georgia to send water downstream to Alabama and Florida.)
  • Water supplies are more prone to contamination and utilities issuing boil water alerts. (The first day Mars was in Cancer, Palm Beach & West Palm Beach Florida was under a boil water alert for several days.)
  • Distilled (water boiled, evaporated and condensed) becomes more popular than spring water.


  • Cancer rules food/liquids. Parts of the body: breasts and stomach. Mars here can cause digestive upsets from eating too quickly and on the run, as well as eating fast/fried/burnt food. Drink lots of water and only eat when calm and relaxed.
  • Mars rules accidents. Accidents are more likely to occur in the home or involving water (drowning, boating accidents).

Security: More border control as Cancer is about “protecting our turf”. Disputes and battles over borders.

Family: Families will devote extra energy to being in contact and getting together. For some, “family feud” would be an apt description now.

* Planets don’t really move backwards, but appear to from Earth’s vantage point.
** See “Time to Clean Up: Saturn in Virgo” (8/28/07) in the Predictions section.

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