In the shadows

“Venus square Pluto early this week indicates that financials are overvaluing/incorrectly accounting for their debt (meaning debt on their books*). If it doesn’t come out in the news now it will eventually be revealed that at this time, foreigners are pulling back on purchasing Treasuries and U.S. mortgages.” – from my Summary of This Week’s Influences: November 5-11, 2007 *( ) Added now to clarify my original post.

The market plummeted yesterday from a plethora of negative news. The Dollar hit a record low against the Euro yesterday after reports that Cheng Siwei (vice chair of an advisory body within China’s parliament), said that China will seek to diversify their foreign currency stockpiles beyond the Dollar. (It is estimated that 60-70% of China’s $1.43 trillion in foreign reserves are held in U.S. dollars.) The Dollar also fell on continued inflation fears.

Venus represents financial values. Venus is in the last days of its transit of Virgo, the sign of details. Virgo energies can become worried about the most minor details. Venus transiting Virgo (July 14-September 8 and again October 8-November 8, 2007) means financial instruments will need to be scrutinized to try to determine a realistic fair value. Pluto represents the massive amounts of money (billions) that are affected. Pluto in Sagittarius shows the financial instruments that need to be written down has negatively impacted foreign markets as well. In summary, Venus challenged (square) Pluto to reveal what it had been keeping in the shadows.

Until the government and the Federal Reserve realize that denial is not a river in Egypt, the Dollar will continue to fall and inflation will rise.

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