Gemini Full Moon: November 24, 2007

The Full Moon in Gemini occurs on November 24, 2007 at 9:30 AM. I call it the “Mobile Moon” as it illuminates communication and movement. It’s about how you interact within your local environment vs. the world at large. Relationships with neighbors and siblings are highlighted now.

  • General Influences: There are three key elements of this Full Moon
    1. The Moon is at its closest point to the Earth this month (perigee), creating intense emotions.
    2. Uranus turns direct* at the Full Moon; its energies are very strong November 22-26. Uranus energy is wildly unpredictable. Shocks and surprises, rebellion, the unique and unusual describe this energy. It rules science and technology. Since Uranus rules electricity, there may be power outages and computer systems down. Weather: “freaky” conditions, earthquakes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, volcano eruptions.
    3. Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) challenges Neptune in Aquarius (sign Uranus rules). Not only can this aspect create foggy weather, but foggy thinking. Neptune rules debt such as credit cards. Be clear about what you’re spending ahead of time. “Deals” may not be what they’re cracked up to be; don’t be fooled.
  • Stockmarket/USA: Economic conditions will further deteriorate during the next two weeks. Saturn (loss/limitations) challenges the Full Moon chart. The Mercury/Neptune alignment elevates inflation and the media’s increasing reporting of it. This aspect reveals scams and scandals, which may bring down another CEO, prominent politician, or charitable organization. There’s certainly more financial losses to report. More military are moving into oil installations and shipping channels. There will probably be more oil/chemical spills and/or gas explosions. An airborne virus outbreak may occur.

* Planets do not really move backwards, but appear to from Earth’s vantage point. Uranus went retrograde June 23.

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