Wal-Mart’s One Day Wonder

The Futures got a boost this morning after Wal-Mart (WMT) announced that it sees 3Q EPS 0.66-0.69 vs. 0.63 estimate. That got WMT’s Bid/Ask up a couple bucks. Checking the WMT stock chart, the enthusiasm is due to Venus (financial value) on WMT’s Sun (identity). Jupiter (optimism, expansion) is favorably hitting its Uranus (sudden price moves).

I say one day wonder because the planetary energies I’ve just described are basically one day influences. As Mark Hussen of HSBC Securities pointed out on CNBC a few moments ago, WMT’s food merchandise comprises one third of their sales. WMT is passing higher prices onto consumers (ATTENTION FOMC!). WMT says its customers “are very concerned about the cost of living.” September sales increased 1.4% vs. an estimated 1.8%.

For the remainder of this year, optimistic Jupiter makes a few favorable alignments in mid-November and mid and late December to WMT’s stock chart.

WMT hit an eight year low last month when Saturn (limitations) aligned with its stock chart’s Sun. This will occur again in early April and early June 2008. Saturn will hit WMT’s Mars (a weak indicator) in early November, early February, and early July 2008.

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