United’s Flight of Fantasy

As I had written in my post about Mercury retrograde*, the previous Mercury retrograde cycle in Scorpio resulted in airline consolidation talk. At that time, US Airways (LCC) announced it would acquire Delta Airlines (DAL) in a hostile takeover before DAL exited bankruptcy.

Now in Mercury retrograde, airline earnings calls are filled with CEOs trying to fit the C word in as many times as possible to keep their stock prices pumped. And no company and CEO throws consolidation around as much as UAL Corp. (UAUA) CEO Glenn Tilton** who emphatically stated in today’s call that “consolidation is a strategic imperative for the industry.”

With seven out of ten planets in the fire element, Tilton literally gets fired up with enthusiasm for his own rhetoric. With no planets in the emotional water element, Tilton displays little regard for the workers who are the backbone of his airline. He’s also made it clear in conference calls that the skies are only friendly to United’s highest paying customers.

Having no planets in the earth element, he is unable to physically manifest the pipe dreams he sells to the Street. United displayed an unconvincing sense of disappointment during today’s call when they said that the bank prevents them from paying a dividend or doing a stock buyback.

* Looking Beneath the Surface: Mercury in Scorpio (10/4/07) in the Predictions section
**Glenn Tilton: April 9, 1948 time unknown Washington, DC

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