Summary of This Week’s Influences: October 29 – November 4, 2007

General Influences: The biggest energies this week come from two planets moving stationary direct. (Planets do not really move backwards, but appear to from our vantage point on Earth.) Neptune which rules fantasy, illusions, masks, and magic, turns direct on Halloween. (How’s that for astrological synchronicity!) Neptune’s energies are strongly felt from October 28 – November 4. Some other Neptunian traits are deception and scandal. Combine with Mercury (communication) moving direct on November 1, and you have a recipe for intentional misinformation. These energies favor creative writing, art, music, photography/film, meditation and spirituality.

The weather may be a bit freaky this week with Neptune and Mercury simultaneously moving direct, so be prepared for travel delays. Neptune rules fog and conditions that decrease visibility. It also rules damp/humid conditions. Mercury rules wind and cooler conditions.
Last Quarter Moon occurs on November 1. This chart shows further escalation in tensions between the U.S. and who it considers to be its enemies. Mercury’s direct station affects the charts of the U.S., Iraq Invasion, Iran, and Turkey. Turkey may temporarily agree to retreat from the Iraq border. Despite economic hard times for the Iranian people which are becoming much worse, the government will be even more belligerent in their beliefs.
Stockmarket: With the Street waiting for a Fed treat, the end of the month, and most mutual fund’s fiscal year end, does astrology matter this week? After all, the market is Bull-yeah ;-)

I posted right after Merrill Lynch’s (MER) earnings call last Wednesday the astrological reasons why CEO O’Neal would be gone no later than November 15.
Oil: There may be some profit taking, followed by another leg higher that peaks before Thanksgiving. Crude prices will be determined by the direction of interest rates in addition to supply and geopolitical concerns.

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