Summary of This Week’s Influences: October 15 – 21, 2007

  • General Influences: Most of the week’s aspects are flowing and productive. With Mercury (communications) retrograde, it’s a time to take action involving people and matters in the past. Review what previously did not come to fruition and see if it could be retried/reworked. Saturday is suited for doing your thing. See my post, Looking Beneath the Surface: Mercury in Scorpio (10/4/07) in the Predictions section.
  • Stockmarket: Much of the week may see the indices choppy to mixed as the market has a hard time interpreting earnings and economic reports.
  • First Quarter Moon: Occurs at 4:33 AM on Friday. Economic reports will be revised. The President talks up the economy and how the American people are benefiting from it. Congress is blaming Wall St. for declining home values and threatens legislative action. USA Hot Spots: Maine/New England, Gulf coast Florida, western Ohio, Michigan. Houston/east Texas, Seattle. World Hot Spots: Baja California, Central America, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Chile. Germany, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan. IRAQ (escalated violence at northern & southern borders with Iran), Nigeria (more unrest). Pakistan, BURMA, Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia, Manila.

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