Summary of This Week’s Influences: October 8-14, 2007

  • General Influences: This month’s New Moon (see below) occurs at the same time that Mercury, planet of communication, is moving retrograde. It’s time for a making a fresh start involving past, unresolved issues. (See my post, Looking Beneath the Surface: Mercury in Scorpio in the Predictions section.)
  • Stockmarket: Look for more volatility to set in, particularly Tuesday and the end of the week. Mercury beginning its retrograde cycle Friday tends to reverse current market behavior/trading trends. Venus (finance) aligns with Saturn (limits/social status) for the final time. Previous times were in Leo (speculation) on July 1 and August 13. Now the alignment is in Virgo which likes everything accounted for in meticulous detail and worries about everything. With Virgo’s ruler Mercury retrograding in Scorpio (secrets/joint financial assets/debt), the market will quickly realize that one quarter of write downs will not make the credit/mortgage/inflation crises disappear. There’s a lot to learn over the next three weeks!
  • Libra New Moon: This is the time of the year to examine what areas in your life are in need of balance, particularly related to relationships/partnerships, and career. Do you give more than receive or vice versa? Libra is ruled by Venus which is now aligned with Saturn, so these matters are due for a serious review/revision. USA Hot Spots: Miami/southeast Florida and up the East Coast (bit cooler/wet). New Mexico, Arizona, Utah. World Hot Spots: Ireland, Portugal, Morocco, Finland, Latvia, Poland/Eastern bloc, southern Italy, Libya, Niger, Nigeria. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran (“peace” talk/ deception), Afghanistan/Pakistan border, India. CHINA, Thailand/Burma border, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand.

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