Space is the Place or What Does NASA Know That We Don’t?

Space is the place is the focus of several nations and private enterprises over the next several years, with the Moon as the initial destination.

What’s so exciting about the Moon since we’ve been there, done that? Is it the supply of helium 3 as a non-polluting energy source, which could be used to power spacecraft to other destinations such as Mars? Or is there something more that NASA has been hiding for years?

We may find out what’s really going on Tuesday, October 30, 2007 at 9:00 AM at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. That’s when Richard C. Hoagland, a former NASA consultant and CBS News Science Advisor during the Apollo missions, is joined by Dr. Ken Johnston. Dr. Johnston was terminated on October 23 from NASA’s JPL Solar System Ambassador Program for information he provided in the newly published bestselling book, “Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA”, written by Hoagland and Mike Bara, an engineering consultant.

Neptune (lies, deception) energies are strong now. Expressed negatively, you get FEMA’s fake press conference held last week. Positively, scandals and lies get exposed. Mercury (communication) retrograde* preparing to move direct can manifest as lost/suppressed information recovered/revealed. The horoscope for the press briefing has Scorpio (secrets) rising with the Moon and Mars aligned in Cancer in the eighth house. This is a literal reinforcement that secrets about the Moon and Mars have been kept from the public.

Mercury will station direct November 1 affecting NASA’s Moon and Jupiter, continuing the theme of exposing major information. NASA came into being with Mercury aligned with Pluto in Virgo. A good aspect for a spy to have as it's good at keeping information secret, or “sanitizing” it. NASA’s Leo Sun forms stressful alignments with its Mars and Neptune. It is clearly an agency in the business of military spying and puts a lot of energy into concealing its true identity. It is also obstinate to change. Mars (action/aggression, the military) will station retrograde on November 15 on the USA’s Sun. This is a time when the nation needs to take a serious look at how our military and military agencies (NASA being one) are used.

So what’s the big secret that Hoagland and Johnston are going to tell the N.P.C.? Evidence that when we went to the Moon that another civilization had already been there, done that. Jupiter and Pluto align on December 11, 2007. In Sagittarius, it represents the discovery of long lost artifacts in a distant land.

* Planets do not really move backwards, but appear to from Earth’s vantage point.

NASA was created under the National Aeronautics & Space Act signed by President Eisenhower on July 29, 1958.

Link to National Press Club press release:

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