President Bush’s Hypocrisy

Yesterday President Bush vetoed expanding the Children’s Health Insurance Program, only the fourth veto of his presidency. The foundation of his veto resides in his “ownership society” credo that any expansion of government health insurance would pave the way towards a national health insurance system.

If the President truly despises government health insurance so much, why doesn’t he purchase an individual policy in the free market, consumer driven health insurance system he so espouses? President Bush, unlike many Americans, can certainly afford the premium to purchase health insurance. The problem for the President is that he would not be able to obtain a medically underwritten policy at any price due to his medical history and past alcoholism. Those are the insurance underwriting requirements for individual policies in Texas, his state of residence.

The press and the American people should ask that politicians who rant against allowing all Americans the peace of mind of guaranteed affordable health insurance why they refuse to put their money and medical status where their mouth is. The answer is that if they did, they would add to the growing tally of the uninsured/uninsurable.

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