Looking Beneath the Surface: Mercury in Scorpio (September 27 – December 1, 2007)

Mercury, the planet ruling all forms of communication, resides in secretive Scorpio for an extended period. Topics to surface in conversations and in the news will revolve around sexuality, death, wills/estates, taxes, insurance, shared assets, loans, debt/leverage, mergers & acquisitions. Communications take on a greater intensity when Mercury is in this sign. It’s time to probe the story behind the story instead of just accepting what is being presented at face value.
Mercury Retrograde: October 12 – November 1, 2007
At midnight on October 12, Mercury will appear to be motionless and begin moving backward in the sky until November 1. During part of this retrograde Mercury will re-enter Libra (October 23 – November 11). Revisit relationships and think about what’s needed for balance and harmony in your life.
The markets tend to diverge from the trading pattern they exhibited prior to retrograde. New information is more likely to be revised later in November. Likewise, old information can get corrected now.

Mercury was last retrograde in Scorpio October 29 – November 18, 2006. Scorpio likes M&A, particularly hostile takeovers. On November 15, 2006, US Airways (LCC) announced it wanted to acquire Delta Airlines (DAL) while it was still in bankruptcy for $8 billion. Deals announced during retrograde that lack a strong foundation are not likely to happen.
Make the cycle work for you: The key thing to remember during the three weeks three times a year that Mercury is retrograde is to be flexible. October 11-13, 27-29, 31-November 2 are days when Mercury retrograde may have the most effect.
  • Put the RE prefix in front of everything you do now: review, renegotiate, reinvent, etc. Anything new started now may be short-lived and will probably not turn out the way you envisioned. That may be just what’s needed in some instances – YOU decide!
  • Try again! Things that previously failed may work now, so contact those potential clients who previously said “No” or “I’ll think about it”.
  • Reconfirm all appointments, meetings, and travel itineraries. Allow extra time for travel delays/cancellations. Be prepared for wacky weather conditions.
    Be extra vigilant running security scans. Frequently backup and make copies of computer files as systems have a greater tendency to go down now.
  • If you must sign an important contract/document now, read it very thoroughly regardless if your attorney/counsel gives it the green light.

Mercury Retrograde in 2008: January 28 – February 18, May 26- June 19, September 24 – October 15.

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