Corporate Astrology: The New Growth Sector!

Two weeks after The wrote about Henry Weingarten’s Astrologers Fund (see related post), today’s Financial Times writes about astrology offering “the last word in competitive intelligence”.

Companies are seeking information about how planetary cycles affect their business, future trends, and staff selection. The article points out that most astrologers consulting for companies are not on the corporate payroll, but are working on behalf of an individual within the firm. The late Anita Roddick (The Body Shop founder) was one exception, but I think any business with an even slightly “new agey” vibe engaging an astrologer would probably be looked at as plus rather than open to ridicule. (Attention GAIA and LULU!)

There are different applications of astrology. Electional astrology is when a horoscope is cast for the optimum time for an individual or corporation to commence something such as open a store or start a new ad campaign.

Astrology has always been serious business in India. So serious in fact that there is even a type of horoscope house system* that is sanctioned by the Indian government. Indian (Vedic) astrology is different than western astrology, from where the planetary positions are in the sky to the fact that they do not use the outer planets (Uranus through Pluto) in their charts. It is also very fatalistic. Chinese astrology works off a lunar based calendar where a certain animal rules that lunar year which repeats every twelve years.

I think astrology’s use by the Street will only gain ground as well as outward acceptance in the coming years, as financial markets seek unique insight into market psychology, trends and their timing. As J.P. Morgan (who employed astrologer Evangeline Adams) said, “Millionaires don’t use astrology. Billionaires do.”

* Indian horoscopes are square vs. western horoscopes are round. Both types of astrology have several house systems – a mathematical method of calculating how the horoscope layout is set up.

Financial Times: “When stargazers can see corporate troubles coming”:

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