Virgo Partial Solar Eclipse: September 11, 2007

  • General Influences: The Solar Eclipse (New Moon) will occur at 8:44 AM in Virgo. Virgo is represented by the virgin, meaning a person who is wholesomely self-contained. The message of this eclipse is that it is time to make a fresh start by letting go of and eliminating that which does not serve your best interests. Saturn’s entrance into Virgo on September 3 (see August 28 post) boosts your discipline in these endeavors. Virgo rules issues relating to health and hygiene, diet, work and coworkers, schedules and daily routine. As a practical earth sign, Virgo is very efficient at doing more with less and getting great value for the money. The negative side of Virgo energy is being nitpicky, fearful, and worrying incessantly which adversely affects the nervous system. Writing down what’s bothering you can help you methodically sort it out. By taking care of yourself, you will serve others – something Virgo loves to do.
  • Stockmarket: Market will drop on more fallout from the credit crises/larger than anticipated bad debt. The eclipse affects the charts of the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve. If the Fed takes any action, it will probably lower the discount rate 25 basis points on September 18. As mentioned in my Weekly Forecast for August 20-26, central banks will continue pulling money out of the U.S. New York City is affected by the eclipse. China’s growth is affected.
  • USA: The eclipse occurs almost at the same time the first plane struck the World Trade Center. It impacts the USA’s Mars (military/aggression), the start of the Iraq war, President Bush and VP Cheney’s charts. The emphasis is on our intel agencies/espionage, military, research labs, hospitals, and prisons. There is an elevated chance of an attack here or on US interests abroad. The attack could also come from hacking into key government and financial computer systems. Another vulnerability is transportation systems and imports/shipments. There could also be a medical outbreak.
  • HOT SPOTS: (Areas in the world where important news events, from adverse weather conditions to geopolitical events are likely to occur. Capitalized locations indicate a higher probability of these occurrences.)
    USA= Violent storms, power outages, health outbreak, safety/security issues possible, esp. for MONTANA, WYOMING, Colorado (Denver), New Mexico. Violent storms, safety/security issues for the Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas/Missouri border, Oklahoma, east Texas (Houston). Wet conditions for southeast Florida, Carolinas, Virginia, W. Virginia, western Pennsylvania & New York.
    WORLD= The ancients believed that areas in the eclipse path would face challenges in the next six months. The eclipse path will be visible in most of Latin America (Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina). Other world hot spots: central-western Mexico, Latvia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, PAKISTAN, INDIA, Nepal, N. Korea (possible change in leadership before February), JAPAN, southern New Zealand.

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