Summary of This Week’s Influences: October 1-7, 2007

  • General Influences: This week is good for tying up loose ends and completing projects. The Moon is VOC for about 26 hours late Wednesday afternoon to Thursday evening, so block out that time for things that don’t require action.
    The Last Quarter Moon occurs in Cancer Wednesday at 6:06 AM. Talk centers around economic and security issues and expenditures. Severe weather could cause property damage and disrupt transportation. (See my 8/3/07 post, “2007 Hurricanes & Other Adverse Events” in the Predictions section.) USA HOT SPOTS: The entire coastal eastern seaboard could face stormy weather, especially Miami/southeast Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia/W. Virginia, DC/Baltimore. Also, New Orleans, Mississippi. San Francisco/northern California coast. World Hot Spots: CUBA, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru (Lima). Brussels, Helsinki, Turkey (Istanbul). Moscow (contentious). Syria, Beirut, Israel (attack mode), Nigeria (more oil fighting). India (storms). BURMA (uprising against oppressive gov’t continues). Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia. CHINA (food uprisings, protests).
  • Stockmarket: This is another week that the market is likely to have a modest gain and may even briefly surpass the July 19 DOW record. However, get ready for some wild swings favoring the downside next week as fear returns to the market.

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