Summary of This Week’s Influences: September 24-30, 2007

  • General Influences: For the most part, the next two weeks are a bit of a breather. It’s a good week for fulfilling your personal agenda. Mercury and Mars shift from air signs to water signs later this week. Feelings become the focal point in communications and actions. The Full (Harvest) Moon occurs on Wednesday at 3:45 PM. It appears that the President will sign spending bills approved by Congress after all. Congress has lots of pork stuffed into security and economic lending/stimulus packages. The USA’s formal stance will be to continue to seek a diplomatic solution to solve security issues. USA Hot Spots: central Washington & Oregon, western Idaho & Nevada, central California/Los Angeles area. Montana, Wyoming, Utah. Boston, Indianapolis. World Hot Spots: Baja Calif. & Latin America, esp. Brazil. IRAQ, SAUDI ARABIA, YEMEN, SYRIA, IRAN, Gaza, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Ethiopia, SOMALIA (Mogadishu). Japan, New Guinea, Australia (Melbourne).
  • Stockmarket: The market is predominantly positive this week, but the gains the indices make will be moderate.

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