Summary of This Week’s Influences: September 17-23, 2007

  • General Influences: There’s a dichotomy of energies this week. We’ve got the Sun and Mars interacting with each other (“Me first - NOW!”). Then Pluto joins in and raises the intensity. On the other side of the spectrum, Mercury and Venus align with each other and then with Neptune (“If we could all just love one another…”). Drive defensively and keep a cool head in discussions with others as things could easily spiral out of control now.
  • Stockmarket: This week’s for traders, not investors as the markets will be mostly choppy/mixed with a negative bias. Prices will change fast. I know it hasn’t really affected the markets yet except for commodities, but geopolitical events will matter in the market this week. Quadruple Options expiration on Friday could get really wild.
  • FOMC Meeting: As I wrote on September 7 (see Virgo Partial Solar Eclipse in this section), I think the Fed on Tuesday will lower the discount rate 25 basis points and leave the funds rate unchanged. This is because I think the Fed funds rate will increase at the December 11 meeting due to higher inflation/need to support the dollar. (See my July 30 post, Rate Hikes vs. Rate Cuts in the Predictions section. At that time, the economists at JP Morgan Securities agreed with me.)
  • Geopolitical: Terrorism threats run high this week, especially 1) Friday, 2) Wednesday, 3) Monday. All methods of transport and transportation systems are potentially vulnerable. So are workplaces, medical and military facilities. See day’s entry for more info.
    First Quarter Moon: Occurs on Wednesday at 12:48 PM. USA Hot Spots: Florida Gulf coast into northern FL, Georgia, Carolinas, Virginia, Ohio, Detroit. Minnesota straight down to eastern Texas (Dallas, Houston). Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico.
    Most Prominent World Hot Spots: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru. Italy may be boiling politicians instead of pasta, especially in Rome and Naples. Algeria, Libya, Nigeria. Pakistan, Burma, Thailand. More earthquake/tsunami potential for Malaysia, Indonesia/Jakarta, Australia.

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