My Thoughts on’s “Astrology Fund Sees a Selloff in the Stars” has an interesting article by Lawrence Carrel about Henry Weingarten’s Astrologers Fund (see link to article below). According to the article, Weingarten “uses a combination of technical and fundamental analysis and astrological charting” to manage his institutional fund.

Here’s some of my thoughts about the astrological topics covered in the article.

  • I totally agree with Carrel’s comment about newspaper (sun sign) columns. A description that is supposed to apply to millions of people born during the thirty days the Sun is in a certain sign is too broad to be meaningful.
  • Carrel writes: “The moon affects the tides from thousands of miles away and the sun creates most of the weather on earth. So, why can’t the movements of the planets and the stars affect financial markets, too?” Thank you, thank you, for acknowledging the “As Above, So Below” principle of how astrology works! :-)
  • Regular WSW readers knew that I had predicted an August downturn as well. My basis was several factors besides the eclipse mentioned: Saturn/Neptune cycle concluded, transits of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars then hitting the Saturn/Neptune cycle degree, Venus (banking/currencies/values) retrograde, and the stock charts of the brokers under stress then.
  • My Weekly Forecast and Predictions sections are 99.9% astrologically based. However, I do not use astrology exclusively for personal investing. Other factors such as the stock’s technical chart for support/resistance levels, and my personal investing criteria play a big role. Using astrology alone to stock pick would not be playing with a full deck.
  • The big move in gold corresponds to Saturn in Leo (sign that rules gold) which began in July 2005. Now Saturn is in Virgo until 2010 and this relates to bullishness on all commodities. Now gold is bullish due to escalating inflation. Gold and oil made their record highs the last time Saturn was in Virgo (1977-1980).
  • Weingarten’s reference to Saturn/Neptune in 1989 was the beginning of the cycle. Their first stressful alignment occurred in mid-1998 to spring 1999. In late June 2007, they concluded their opposition (midpoint of the cycle).
  • Weingarten predicts a “significant repricing of assets around Oct.16”. On October 9, Jupiter (big moves) will make its final square to Uranus (wild swings). Venus will align with Saturn for a final time on October 14, but this time it will be in Virgo. This is a real “reality (or should I say realty) check” about the true value of financial assets. Additionally, Mercury (communication) goes retrograde on October 12 until November 1. This can reverse a trend pattern, and in general tends to make chart patterns unreliable.
  • The transition from having Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in fire (optimistic enthusiasm), into earth signs (caution, realistic outlook), will gradually put a damper on equities.
  • The long transit of Mars in Cancer (September 28, 2007 – May 10, 2008) represents taking action (Mars) to secure our homeland (Cancer). This is especially true for the USA as Mars will go retrograde on the USA Sun November 15, 2007.

Look for upcoming posts analyzing some of the factors mentioned here in greater detail. Check out the Predictions section for previous posts that addressed issues that have already occurred.

I couldn’t get the video interviews with Weingarten to work. Obviously, TSCM is not interested in female viewers with every video starting off with a “Viva Viagra” commercial. Total turnoff.

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