If Word’s spell check doesn’t like this word I have just created, I’m sure the Street won’t either. Inflationization is the result of the combined forces of globalization, world governments, central bankers, investment banks, and hedge funds. In short, the usual suspects cited by conspiracy theorists as plotting to make the average Joe/Jane’s life more challenging. Theory is now reluctantly acknowledged reality.

The steep rise in globalization as a panacea to keep productivity up, costs down, corporate and government coffers rich, while distracting the consumer with cheap electronic play toys, can be traced to Pluto’s transit in Sagittarius beginning in 1995. Pluto represents massive transformation through symbolic or physical death and resurrection. Sagittarius rules all things foreign. Since this sign is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of optimism and abundance, the transit represents obtaining huge amounts of goods from overseas, and using foreign labor.

For several years everything worked according to plan. Bring in south of the border labor to the US to maintain the country clubs (golf courses are ruled by Sagittarius), clean the McMansions, work in the fields, etc. Then be a hypocrite (another Sagittarian trait) and complain about all the “illegals” here. Move all the manufacturing overseas so they can make cheap products to ship back to the US and the West. Outsource as much service work abroad as possible. Start a war abroad to try to keep the price of oil under $100 a barrel so the West can live big.

Despite all the major cracks that have cut through the economic foundation, optimism still seizes equity markets. This is buoyed by Jupiter transiting its “home” sign of Sagittarius since November 23, 2006. And the USA is a Jupiter ruled nation. However, as emerging market economies expanded, so have the demands of their workforce. Globalization then creates a boomerang effect as the cost of their exports become so high that outsourcing no longer makes economic sense for the West. As the cost of basic survival needs skyrocket, the people of emerging market countries will no longer be able to afford Western indulgences such as Coach handbags, Starbucks drinks, etc., thus affecting the balance sheets of many of the multinational corporations.

Which brings me back to my new word – inflationization. Planetary cycles will exhibit somewhat differing effects from one country to another due to each nation’s horoscope, but they do not shield certain parts of the world from their energies. Saturn’s transit of Virgo that began this month has already demonstrated that the essentials needed for daily living worldwide is inflationary, echoing its previous transit of the late 1970s.

Long-term planetary cycles (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto) that move from the enthusiasm of fire energy to practical earth energy completely switch global dynamics. Jupiter will move into the earth energy of Saturn-ruled Capricorn on December 18, 2007. We will get a taste of Pluto in Capricorn from January 25 to June 14, 2008 and then November 26, 2008 until 2024. Capricorn rules governments and corporations. Leaders who refuse to eradicate the inflation that has eroded the basic wellbeing of people worldwide will no longer be in power.

P.S. If you think I’m getting a bit dramatic, look at what’s going on in Burma and the growing unrest in China over pork and other food prices. And consider* this: the last time Pluto was in Capricorn was during the American Revolution.

*The word consider means “to go with the stars”. (Disaster means “to against the stars.”)

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