Faux Free Marketeers

The so-called “free market” maniacs continue to get their propaganda printed in the Wall Street Journal in their fight against healthcare coverage for all Americans. This indicates that healthcare is a huge political issue that will result in some form or another of universal coverage.*

On Monday, Senator Clinton unveiled her American Health Choices Plan. I would strongly encourage everyone to read the plan as it is only about ten detailed pages. Contrary to what the freemarketeers would have you believe, private insurance plays a major role.


In his op-ed piece in today’s WSJ, former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney writes, “you should look to give the people more influence”. Yet Romney and his free marketeers are fighting to do just the opposite. Where is the free market when they hide behind the protection of guaranteed issue insurance because they receive their coverage through the government, their employer, or they live in a guaranteed access state such as New Jersey and New York?

The question I pose to the free marketeers to answer honestly is this: Could you obtain a medically underwritten individual health insurance insurance policy? My sense is very few of the freemarketeers would get approved as insurers’ underwriting criteria is so strict that even the most minor ailment is cause for rejection.

Heck, freemarketeers should want to disband Medicare; let the seniors find insurance in the free enterprise system! The great irony in all this is that it is the insurance companies that have brought us to this state of affairs through their severe cherry picking. Yet if everyone in America had health insurance, the insurance companies profits would be far greater acting as plan administrators than currently under the “I’ve got it, that’s you’re problem” hypocritical system.

* See my previous posts: Time to Clean Up: Saturn in Virgo (8/28/07) and GM: Healthcare & 2008 Election (7/31/07) in the Predictions section. Both posts discuss how upcoming astrological influences will result in major healthcare reform.

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