Cramer Acknowledges the Power of Pluto!

“We know that there’s a great plutocracy in our country.” – Jim Cramer during his Stop Trading! segment on CNBC, 9/5/07

And his timing is astrologically impeccable since the planet representing great sums of wealth, the powerful, the underworld, and everything secret is stationary* all week. On September 7 Pluto moves direct, reaching the final phase of its transit of Sagittarius.

The Mad Money man’s statement is astrologically correct as the U.S.A. has Pluto in Capricorn in the second house of the horoscope**. The second house represents a country’s financial status. For America it means that the majority of the nation’s wealth is controlled by a very powerful elite few.

* From our perspective here on Earth, Pluto appears to be motionless.

** A horoscope is a map showing the position of the planets at birth. It is divided into twelve houses representing different areas of life. A date, time, and place (geographical coordinates) are needed to mathematically calculate a horoscope.

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