Alan Abelson Does the Math

Alan Abelson’s Barron’s column (“Feeding on Thin Gruel”), says: “Do the math, please. Start with 130,000. Add 30,000. Subtract 30,000. What do you end up with? Right you are: 130,000.”

As I had predicted in some Weekly Forecasts since July 22, President Bush would continue to increase troop levels in Iraq despite talk of reductions. Abelson writes: “We truly wish that the president’s optimism proves out.” President Bush was born* with the Sun in Cancer squaring Jupiter in Libra. This defines his use of patriotism and security to expand/implement his philosophical and religious convictions. The President will continue to paint a rosy scenario for Iraq until near year end, as transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius harmoniously aligns with several placements in his horoscope.

Abelson concludes his column’s Iraq segment by stating that “as David Rosenberg of Merrill Lynch recently observed, the enormous expenditures necessary have acted as a significant stimulus to the economy.” I find Rosenberg’s observation deeply disturbing to say the least. Endorsing the deaths of more troops than those that died in the tragedy of September 11 for the sake of wealth, oil, and power. If I was in charge of the U.S. economy, I would implenent productive projects to stimulate it such as developing technologies for full energy independence, fixing the nation’s infrastructure, and the space program.

* President Bush: July 6, 1946 7:26 AM EDT New Haven, CT.

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