Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon): August 28, 2007

The Total Lunar Eclipse occurs on August 28, 2007 at 6:35 AM in Pisces (Sun in Virgo). Mind/Body balance is key. Our bodies may retain more water now and are more sensitive to chemical substances. It’s especially important to pay attention to your intuition and dreams now. Taking the time for extra R&R will make you more productive. Pisces likes to escape from anything it considers unpleasant while its opposite sign Virgo wants to perfect reality. “Think outside the bun”, as the commercial goes, to problem solve beats blaming others. The two week period between eclipses is a time of flux. It’s best to make major life changes after the September 11 Solar Eclipse.

The chart for the eclipse in the USA emphasizes health, labor, military, and transportation issues. The public will be very critical of the government in general, politicians and religious leaders. Communications breakdowns are likely. Sudden disruptions that affect work and daily living, such as electrical outages, computer systems down, transportation accidents. A sudden disease or toxic substance outbreak may occur. Armed forces fatalities will likely rise. The possibility of an enemy attack on US interests abroad or on home soil are elevated now.

The ancients believed that the geographic areas in the eclipse path would face challenges for the next six months. The entire eclipse will be visible from the West Coast. The path also encompasses Indonesia, eastern Australia, and New Zealand. Other HOT SPOTS include: USA: coastal Florida, Georgia, Carolinas, Virginia, Baltimore/DC area, central Pennsylvania and New York. Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Iowa, Missouri, Minneapolis, Dakotas. World: Argentina, Ankara, Poland, Kiev, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Sudan, CHINA, Koreas, Philippines.

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