Time to Clean Up: Saturn in Virgo (September 2, 2007-July 21, 2010*)

Saturn (foundations/structure/boundaries) enters Virgo (workforce) over the Labor Day holiday. Look for a lot more about Saturn in Virgo and how it blends with other planetary influences in future posts. For starters, here’s some fundamental concepts and predictions.

The Cycle: Saturn transits Virgo every 28.5 years.

  • November 18, 1977 – September 21, 1980
  • September 20, 1948 – August 13, 1951
  • August 13, 1919 – October 7, 1921

Key Characteristics:

  • The need to analyze, organize, clean up and fix things through common sense solutions.
  • Seeking perfection and critical of anything not deemed perfect.
  • Worries about work, health, and minute details.
  • Takes responsibility rather than finger pointing.
  • Need to be of service.

Economy & Investing:

  • Higher prices and shortages for products needed for daily survival – food, personal care, gas. (Remember the gas lines and high inflation from the last cycle.)
  • Workers demand higher wages. Labor shortages, especially highly skilled technical employees, healthcare. Also military personnel shortages.
  • Computer system breakdowns and outages requiring a major overall.
  • Problems with supply chains – need to bring production geographically closer, maintain higher inventories.
  • Accountability – Corporations will be scrutinized more than ever before.
  • Value investing in stocks with solid balance sheets paying high dividends are in.

Health & Healthcare:

  • Diseases that develop through uncleanliness (hospital infections, for example).
  • Virgo rules: intestinal tract, pancreas, spleen, inner workings of enzyme production in the liver. (Saturn relates to chronic, long standing health issues.)
  • Digestive ailments. Excessive fear and worry affects the nervous system.
  • Healthy, wholesome (unprocessed) food served in smaller portions.
  • As millions get dropped from employer (group) coverage and are unable to obtain individual coverage, the government will have to shift to a “Medicare for all” type plan or a single payer system.


  • Slashing wasteful government spending.
  • Fixing the nation’s infrastructure and solving domestic problems.
  • Stronger consumer protections.
  • Women take action to obtain greater personal freedoms worldwide. More women in the highest leadership positions.

Design & Fashion: Minimalist

  • Homes and appliances will be much smaller with an emphasis on energy efficiency and the highest building code standards rather than cosmetic flash. McMansions will become hard to sell.
  • SUVs will go the way of the dinosaur. Cars will be smaller but still possess luxury interior elements. High mpg, safety and reliability, will be important at all price levels.
  • Clothing will become more conservative and tailored, especially going into the 2009 season.

* Saturn will be in Libra from October 30, 2009 – April 7, 2010 before backtracking into Virgo.

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