Summary of This Week’s Influences: August 13 – 19, 2007

  • General Influences: From August 11 until 2:03 PM on August 13, seven of the ten* planets are in the fire element. (Six planets from August 13–19.) This creates hot and dry conditions. Emotionally it creates assertive and enthusiastic behavior. There are several aspects this week between the Sun (self-identity/ego), Mercury (mind/communication), Venus (desires/values), and Neptune (credit/rumors). This puts a strong focus on how external events – from your community to global ones - affect you personally. Since the Leo New Moon occurred August 12, now is the time to put personal plans into action. Thursday and Friday have the most harmonious atmosphere of the week. See my posts: Leo New Moon, Venus Retrograde: July 27-September 8, 2007, Mars Enters the Danger Zone: August 7-September 28, 2007, and 2007 Hurricanes & Other Adverse Events in the Predictions section for additional insight.
    * The luminaries (Sun & Moon) for simplicity’s sake are classified as planets. Pluto is very much a planet! (More about Pluto’s influence in upcoming posts.)
  • Stockmarket: The Sun, Mercury, and Venus reactivate the Saturn/Neptune opposition of June 25. (Mars did this on July 24 and 31.) Markets will continue to be volatile, especially the first half of the week. Oil will rise. Rumors abound. See my 6/20/07 post, Party’s Over, in the Predictions or Commentary sections for additional insight.
  • Predictions: 1) Caution in air travel/Possible commercial airline disaster Friday/Saturday. Any disaster would probably be due to natural causes or plane malfunction, not terrorism. 2) There may be an attack/military action involving Israel on Sunday. Pakistan’s president Musharaaf may face a similar influence at that time.

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