Mars Enters the Danger Zone: August 7 – September 28, 2007

Mars, the planet symbolizing action and energy, moves into Gemini on August 7 until September 28. Mars in Gemini is the ultimate multi-tasker. Gemini, a mutable (changeable) air (communicating) sign enjoys being out and about, chatting and accumulating information of all kinds.

General Influences: There is a greater tendency for accidents and other mishaps to occur because of not being focused on doing one thing at a time. Allowing enough time for sleep and relaxation will help to stay more focused. Sensitive areas of the body: the nervous system, lungs, shoulders, arms, hands.

Stockmarket: Talk about “data driven”! Mars in Gemini will try to watch 20 monitors worth of it, multiple TV channels, and work multiple phone lines attempting to gauge the market’s direction.

USA: The USA is a Cancer (which rules food) nation, born on July 4, 1776 with Mars in Gemini. No wonder we created drive through restaurants (Mars) so we can eat and still keeping moving (Gemini). No other nation does so many things at once while driving!

Mars is going to have some challenging relationships to other planets during its Gemini transit. Here’s the big ones. (Look for more details in the Weekly Forecast section.)

  • August 7 – Mars enters Gemini with the Moon (emotional instincts) in Gemini. Venus retrograde in Virgo (see AstroTalk section for post), squares Mars. This is the classic “battle of the sexes” aspect. It can also manifest in impulsive sexual behavior that is later regretted.
  • August 23 – Mars opposes Jupiter: Engaging in war or war-like behavior with an opponent over differing philosophical or religious beliefs.
  • August 25 – Mercury square Mars: Think before speaking! Reckless behavior, “road rage”/caution in travel, neighborhood crime, internet attacks.
  • September 3 (Labor Day holiday) – Mars square Uranus. Travel delays and accidents, explosions, earthquakes, tornadoes. Electrical outages, internet problems, computer systems down. (These energies are heightened with the Moon in Gemini today.) Use caution with tools, machinery, and firearms/works.
  • September 5 – Mars squares the upcoming September 11 Virgo Solar Eclipse, where Mars returns to same degree as the USA natal Mars. This highlights the USA’s enemies.
  • September 17 – Sun squares Mars: Egocentric behavior.
  • September 21 – Mars opposes Pluto: Power struggles. Weapons hidden/smuggled underground.

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