Hurricane Dean*

Tropical Storm Dean was upgraded to hurricane status today. At this time, most meteorological forecasts take the path through the southwestern Caribbean, striking Cancun before entering the Gulf of Mexico to land in Texas.

The astrology confirms a similar track and timetable. However, I think Cuba will be more affected than most computer models show. Cancun/Cozumel and the Central American countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama) will probably get severe flooding/storm surge. Most of this season’s tropical activity will hit the eastern Caribbean islands, then Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and go into the Gulf. As I wrote in my 8/3/07 post, 2007 Hurricanes & Other Adverse Events (see Predictions section), Florida will be prominently in the news next week

As far as striking Texas, I think if Hurricane Dean ends up in that Gulf vicinity, it will be in the Galveston/Port Arthur/Orange area and into western Louisiana.

* It is prudent that everyone who lives in the hurricane zone regardless of any track/prediction be appropriately prepared.

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