2007 Hurricanes & Other Adverse Events

Listed below are the dates I see as having the greatest potential for storms or hurricanes. However, these dates may be reflective of other adverse events at these locations, such as man made disasters or other large newsworthy events. The Weekly Forecast covering each time period will go into further detail. [* Strongest hurricane potential.]

  • Between August 20-27: Florida* (especially Miami & southeast), Carolinas, Virginia.
  • Between September 11-18: Texas.
  • Between September 19-25: Florida (especially Gulf side to northern), Georgia.
  • Between October 3-10: Florida (especially Miami & east coast), Carolinas, Virginia; New Orleans, Mississippi.
  • Between October 11-18: Florida (Miami & southeast), Carolinas, Virginia.
  • Between October 19-25: Florida*.
  • Between November 9-23: Wet/flooding DC through Northeast corridor, especially Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont.

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