Weekend: July 21 & 22, 2007

  • Saturday: Enjoy the company of others. A good day for appreciating all forms of beauty and making your world beautiful inside and out. Be in touch with parents/elders in the early evening.
  • Sunday: The First Quarter Moon occurs at 2:29 AM at the end of the sign Libra before becoming VOC. (Moon enters Scorpio at 4:18 AM.) Issues that have existed for quite some time have reached the point where action must be taken. In general, this would relate to you and a partner/family member coming to agreement on tackling a domestic situation. The USA chart for the Quarter Moon emphasizes the importance of having a healthy home, i.e. the condition of your residence affects your physical and emotional health for better or worse. The Administration will continue to deny the terrorist threat here in the USA. A scandalous piece of classified intel has the potential to embarrass the Administration. These events would be most likely to occur between July 23-25.

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